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The Foreign and International Medical Graduate Podcast

Mar 5, 2020

Episode # 16 deals with the psychological aspects of interviewing as an FMG, with Dr. Shae Datta, she is a Neurologist who currently resides in Gainsville, FL. She is the inaugural fellow for the Sports Neurotrauma fellowship at the University of Florida. Dr. Datta through her career has developed a passion for coaching medical students and physicians across the US and the world in how to make it into GME in the USA. 
We discuss some of the topics that she specializes in via her Facebook page "Residency Success" to include, but not limited to Medical Residency Coaching, USMLE test-taking strategies, ERAS interviews, CV/Resume & Personal Statement proofreading and review, Biostats preparation among others. 
With her prior work experience in Wallstreet and her Psychology background, she is the perfect guest to have as a personal coach. We delineate her philanthropic idea behind helping other people navigate the complex process of application, test-taking, interviewing and US customary etiquette. 
Her strategy is proven, and there is plenty of experiences, from the people she has coached, that emphasizes the importance of having a seasoned physician, based in the US that will guide applicants through this competitive process and make them "shine like stars" so they can find that residency position in the specialty of their choice. 
And finally, we discuss her opinion on STEP 1 Pass / Fail Score coming up in 2022 and her thoughts on how this will impact our FMG / IMG Community. She can be reached at or available at (917) 524 8067. I can assure you will be delighted with this interview!. Enjoy and do not forget to follow me at Home or email me at: Thanks for listening.